Week 35

This is my 35th week of school! First, I almost finished my movie filming! Next, we have our rocky hill rodeo! I can’t wait till tonight because that is when our rodeo happens! Then, we have the Q and U wedding! the kindergarteners get to do it. Lastly, we had the alumni talk with the 6th graders! that is what we did this week!File May 13, 8 14 56 AMThis is the alumni talk!!

Week 34

This is my 34th week of school! First I went on a field trip to Karm! We did a lot of cool things there! One thing we did there was, we got to help sort clothes so they could place them on the store floor for people to buy the clothes. Next, I got to bring a game to Library and play the game. We got to do that instead of doing a lesson in Library! The game I brought was the game called SORRY! It is a very fun game! If you have not already played it, you should! Then, I got to make my Mothers Day card! ( mine is very awesome, I think it is the best!) Lastly, I got to start filming my movie with my team! that is what I did this week!!IMG_6539


Week 33

This week was a very busy week! the first thing I did was, the TN Ready test. Next, I got my yearbook! Then, I finished my movie scripts! Lastly, I got extra recess!! That is what i did this week! This the cover of my year book. (the picture)IMG_6471

Week 32

This is my 32nd week of school! First, I finished up my movie script and we are now rehearsing them. Next, I took tons of practice tests. Then, I  played kickball. Then I whatched the soul singers.  Lastly, had a good week.

Week 31

This is my 31st week of school! First, I started working on the movies that we are makeing in our class. Next, I am donating two dollars for a boy named lucas at our school. Then, I did my novels. Lastly we made commercials. That is what we did this week.

Week 30

This is my 30th week of school. First, I started working on my new song on text structures. Next, I started making a my first movie! We had the rocky hill track meet. Lastly, my friend Finley won an award. that is what we did this week!IMG_6323

Week 28

This week was a busy/ short week. First, I went on a field trip to the Tuckaleechee Caverns. It was the most awesomest field trip ever!!! Next, I celebrated Dr. Seuss week. Then we had a pajama day! Lastly, I presented my presentation on pandas to the class. That is my 28th week of school!IMG_6122

Spring Break

I just back from spring break. On spring break I stayed at home and did not travel. I still got to do fun stuff over break!! The fun things I did over spring break were I got to play with all my friends in the neighborhood. We had sleep overs and played outside mostly the whole time. I also got to see the movie “Zootopia.” It is the bomb movie!!!! Spring break was so fun!!!!!!

Week 27

This is my twenty-seventh week of school! This week was sort of busy. First, I did my French letters. Next, I having Spring break right after school today. Then, I did my research on a panda. Lastly, my class got 3 new microphones for doing our songs. That is what i did this week!IMG_5965

Week 26

This has been my twenty-sixth week of school! First, I had a day off of school. Next, I had the Tennessee Ready test. Then, I made my own song. Lastly, I got two recesses and there was SNOW!!!! That is what I did this week!!File Mar 04, 10 15 37 AM